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Should You Switch to Switch for your law firm phone service?

Having multiple offices fortunately allows for opportunities to try different phone systems in your law firm (or any small business for that matter). Although we begrudgingly began one of our offices on Time Warner Business phone systems in a bundle deal with an internet package, the lack of flexibility in the less expensive options from the big telecom names such as TWC or AT&T led us to more exciting and modern options.

Ooma Office

For some time, we used Ooma Office to manage the phone system at one of our offices. While Ooma is reliable enough to be used in a small business setting, it was not without issues. Ooma requires no less than three to four pieces of physical hardware in your office (not counting the traditional land line phones that hook into the Ooma equipment). Ooma's router likes to be connected directly to the modem feeding your office its internet service, with Ooma recommending that you connect your wireless router into the Ooma router.

The obvious issue here is that you create one additional hurdle between the not-always-so-reliable service of Time Warner and your wireless router which is feeding your laptops, mobile devices, etc. to get work done. Ooma router needs to update? That means a temporary outage for your entire office. On more weekdays than we would like to remember, our staff had to manually reset the Ooma router to get fresh Internet back to our devices.

We also found the online portal to Ooma Office a little dated, and the technical support to be lacking.

We made the Switch

Earlier this year, came out of beta. This service is from the same people who brought you UberConference. (Check it out if you haven't already.)

One of Switch's selling points for us (besides it not needing any physical equipment clogging up our office) was its tight integration with Google Apps. No need to set up brand new online accounts with another provider. Simple sign up with automatic recognition of all of our team members based on their business email addresses.

We were also in need of a new toll-free number for those clients (and leads from our websites) calling in from around the world who have the need for legal services in Kentuckiana due to having family members located here. allowed us to quickly obtain a (888) number after it assigned us a main company line, in addition to providing private lines to each firm member.

Now, if you have an existing number that all of your clients, opposing counsel, etc. know and use, then you need to learn the term "porting." We initially encountered some difficulty in finding a way to get our main company line transferred ("ported") from Ooma to Switch, but personalized customer service from a human who seemed to be more local and more interested in obtaining our business walked us through the steps, and within a few days one of our main office lines was now ringing Switch.

So how do you use Switch? 

Again, you need a Google Apps account. You also need to be prepared to ditch your more traditional phone hardware. We were able to scrap about a dozen physical devices from our previous setup with Ooma once Switch was up and running. prompts you to download its desktop and mobile apps once you are in its online interface. Apps are available for Android and iPhone, and since we have employees running both, we can say with confidence that this is one piece of software that runs as well on Android (and in some instances better) than it does on Apple's mobile OS.

Easy access is provided to all of your Google contacts which are automatically recognized by Switch, and can be sorted to display Recent, Frequent, or just contacts within your Company. The learning curve is low given that the desktop Chrome app and the mobile app mirror each other. Icons, tabs, and buttons are intuitive and attractive.

In-call options are much more robust than Ooma Office, allowing the standard options of muting and pausing a call, in addition to simple transfer and conference call options. The ability to record the call is also provided (be careful here depending on the law in your state), plus you can view an overview of recent correspondence with that caller or launch a Google Hangouts session. Continuous improvements to the service now allow you to integrate your Google Calendar, Gmail, or Google Drive to provide even more in-depth analysis of how you have been communicating with a particular contact recently. (You also have the option of connecting your LinkedIn account).
One of the best features for attorneys still billing by the hour are quick snippets of information, such as duration of call, that may not be easily accessible with more traditional or expensive phone systems.

You can also text a client directly in the same window from where you initiate a call. Texting is critical to many clients in our areas of practice, and if our day-to-day experience is any indication, communication by this method will only continue to be more prevalent as a new generation of clients needs legal services. Switch allows you to communicate by text without divulging your personal cell phone number, but on a convenient interface on your mobile phone or computer.

^^^^ Send a text here ^^^^

What does it look like when someone calls, you ask?

You can choose where you receive notifications of new calls or texts, turning off your cell phone if you don't want to be disturbed there. Quick options are also provided for respectfully declining the call if you are tied up.

The traditional phone can still be on your desk (if your heart so desires)

So what if all of this cloud-based tech on the back end simply requires that you (or one of your long-time staff members) keep an old phone around so that you feel like you are not making too much change at once? Here is the solution provided by Switch to incorporate this new technology with a physical device sitting on your desk:

We use a combination of wired and Bluetooth headsets in our office setting so that we are not talking in our cell phones all day or avoid the appearance that we are screaming at our computers' built-in microphones.

Can't I just use Google Voice as a free alternative?

Our office owns several Google Voice numbers that have been in operation for years. I believe there are certain lawyers and business owners who could probably get by with a Google Voice number that provides some of the same features as described above. is worth the monthly payment for our firm as we have found it to be much more reliable for voice calls with clients than what we experienced with Google Voice in calling on the go. Furthermore, if you have more than one person on your team, the in-call options to transfer to your assistant or the extensive online interface to establish business hours and call handling are simply more robust than what Google Voice currently offers. Online Interfaces for Call Routing & Business Hours settings

Sold on Switch?

We don't get any kickbacks on this write up. After trying multiple phone systems, both traditional and VOIP (voice over IP), was the first that I was actually excited about enough to write about. posts its privacy and other legal policies at so you can confirm its compliance with ethical rules in your jurisdiction if you are using the service in a law office setting.

Switch's flexibility and fresh take on one of the more boring aspects of a functioning law firm may allow you to take this service ($15 per line, unlimited texting & calling in US/Canada) for a spin even if you just want to experiment with a non-land line phone for you to communicate with clients or others (without using your personal cell phone number) away from the office.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Additional domains for law firms and attorneys now available

A previous post highlighted the fact that new TLDs (top level domains) were being released, such as .attorney and .lawyer so that legal professionals could purchase their own customized domain name with a web address that ends with a designation that is specific to the legal services field.

An additional domain has been released - . LEGAL

So if you were unable to get in on the first wave of domain purchases, give this one a try.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

E-Filing for Family Law Cases in Certain Kentucky Counties is now Live

Although Kentucky is under a state of emergency due to one of the biggest snowstorms in history, the Kentucky eCourts project announced today that family law cases and motions can be filed online in certain counties, with statewide implementation planned by the end of the year:

Read more here:

Monday, February 16, 2015

Slashdot Snippet re: Online Courts in the UK

One of the best sites to stay on the cutting edge of technology and related issues is

Today, a snippet on the site references a recommendation that the justice system in the United Kingdom should be overhauled for the modern age and use existing online dispute resolution methods, such as eBay's negotiation procedure, as model solutions.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Estate Planning + Facebook = Legacy Contact

We've previously discussed the need for digital estate planning here and here.

Today, Facebook announced an official way to leave a "legacy contact" of your choosing.

Get additional details here on how to designate a friend or family member to manage your account when you are no longer able:

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Attention Attorneys: New Domains Available for your Practice

This past week, a new set of TLDs (Top Level Domains) were released that may be of interest to legal professionals and other legal service providers.

The domains include:

  • .attorney
  • .law
  • .lawyer

So instead of trying to search for a custom domain in the saturated market of .com, you can now potentially have as your domain instead of

Good luck if you are trying to purchase a short & sweet domain. I picked up for $35 per year (on sale) after refusing to pay $1,600 per year for because the latter is considered a "premium" domain by the registry. So be careful if your last name or desired domain has 3 letters or fewer (according to GoDaddy).

I also had to complete a questionnaire during the registration process about my accreditation as an attorney and whether I was using the domains to provide legal services, for which I input the name, phone and fax number for the Indiana State Bar Association to continue the process.

Now may be the time to get away from that AOL or Yahoo address that you may use for professional correspondence, and transition to a more customized presence online for your firm.

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